Whizzkids Virtual Summer Camps 2021

21st June-30th July

Whizzkids Virtual Camps are a combination of live online tuition plus access to the ground breaking Digital Skills Virtual Classroom, which hosts a wide variety of pre-recorded courses. Live classes will be delivered over Zoom. Groups will be limited to 12 children at a time to ensure everyone receives the right level of attention. Live classes will be delivered for 2 hours per day (10am & 12pm).
The pre-recorded lessons are delivered by our full time teachers, whom we have transformed into their avatars in order to be more engaging for children. The platform has 16 courses covering 4 key skill areas, which are essential to becoming a digital master. These are Creativity, Design, Coding and Problem Solving. This online education platform is fully incentivised with badges, trophies, levels, and results based games rewards. Students will have unlimited access to the hundreds of videos, quizzes, and challenges for the duration of the camp. See Whizzkids.io for further details.

Online Camps - €99 p/wk  
21st-25th June - HTML & 3D Modelling - suitable for 11+
5th-9th July - Scratch Coding & Animation - Suitable for 7+
12th-16th July - Video Game programming and Backdrop & Character Design - Suitable for 9+
19th-23rd July - Machine Programming and 3D Modelling - Suitable for 10+
26th-30th July - HTML & Python Coding - Suitable for 11+