The Snow Queen - A New Audio Drama

23rd November-18th December

BrokenCrow, in association with Garter Lane and The Everyman are delighted to present this new eight-part serial audio adaptation of The Snow Queen by Deirdre Dwyer.

This fresh reimagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s acclaimed children’s story, The Snow Queen, tells the story of two devoted friends and their wild adventures. It is given a contemporary Irish twist but still holds onto the core of this classic tale and tells a story where love can conquer all in the end.

Gráinne’s best friend Caoimhín has gone missing. He has been acting strangely lately and Gráinne knows something isn’t right. Now it is up to her to follow her feet, across a snowy winter world, to find her friend.

Held up by mistakes and mishaps and helped by ravens and reindeer, Gráinne realises if she can keep her spirits up (and stop losing her shoes!)  she should be able to rescue her friend from the icy clutches of The Snow Queen.

New eight-minute audio episodes will be delivered twice weekly on YouTube, every Monday and Friday, from the 23rd of November until the 18th of Dec.

Age Recommendation: 8+, and for all the family.

Family Pack: €15

Includes a link to the YouTube channel where each new episode will appear and a package of beautifully illustrated cards, posted to your home. One card for every episode, to be opened on the appointed day, features a message from one of the characters. The opening of the sealed cards and reading the message will add another unique dimension to the listening adventure.

Teachers Pack: €50

Includes a limited-edition teacher’s pack posted to your school, a link to the YouTube channel where each new episode will appear and a PDF featuring specially designed lesson plans based on the themes touched on in each episode. These will range from arts activities including drama, music and art to lessons based on language, dance, SPHE and SESE and including some ethics and Philosophy for children.

Please note: You will receive your pack prior to the launch of the first episode. If you purchase your pack following the first episode on 23 November you will receive your pack approx. four days after purchase. All episodes will remain available until 18 December.