Eggsperiments 2021 Easter Camp

6th-9th April

Venue: Zoom Online

Eggs are an egg-cellent way to explore science this Easter. Does an egg sink or float in water? Surprisingly it can sink and float at the same time! We are going to investigate the physical and chemical properties of eggs. Through science experiments we will turn an egg into a bouncy ball and even into a mirror. Egg shells are perfect for growing our own beautiful crystals in. To celebrate the end of the camp we are going to bake meringue cookies, but before that we will make our own electric whisks! All these experiments and more to try with us this Easter. All our online sessions will be delivered via Zoom, in small private meetings; you will be sent an invitation via email the night before each session. You will receive a pack of specialist materials in the post before the sessions commence. 4 Day Camp, 2 zoom sessions per day from 10:00 – 10:45 & 11:00 – 11:45