Kids Gift Guide

Gamers in the family? The latest volume limiting headphone range from Puro Sound Labs has landed back in stock just in time for Christmas. 

PuroGamer Volume Limiting Gaming Headphones are designed specifically for gaming with a slick design, high quality audio through both sound and an omnidirectional, noise cancelling microphone. They are also volume limited to 85dB to ensure that there is no damage to gamers’ hearing health when there are explosions or other noises in gameplay. Featuring a 7.1 surround sound technology, the headphones allow gamers to immerse themselves into the world of their games and the 50mm graphene driver and response equaliser provides a balanced and safe sound. The headphones have 82% ambient noise isolation at 1kHz to shut the rest of the world out. The Puro Balanced Frequency Response Curve also allows the PuroGamer’s to sound great even at lower listening levels and the game dialogue and sound effects to be heard clearly against the full spectrum of audio.  

Discover the full Puro Sound Labs range online - available from





NEW! Spooky Halloween Mysteries with Scooby-Doo and PLAYMOBIL 

This Halloween the Mystery Inc. gang are going to be solving a new and imaginative mysteries in Playmobil form. After the launch of the SCOOBY-DOO! Mystery Machine and Scooby and Shaggy toys this year, Playmobil are back with new Scooby-Doo playsets for the spookiest time of the year this October 31st.  Each of the new Scooby-Doo! sets include a Scooby-Doo with unique hat to collect, and spooky ghost cards which can be combined with the Mystery Machine to project and identify all the ghosts! At the end of each adventure, the Mystery Inc. gang joins forces to uncover that there is nothing to fear from ghosts and creepy riddles – and discover a logical explanation behind them.

The Playmobil Scooby Doo! Mystery Mansion (70361) includes Scooby, Fred, Daphne – and Dracula! Spooky surprises and traps await, such as a trap door, a falling chandelier, stairs turning into a slide, hideouts, and a revolving door. This set also includes a magic light up coffin with 8 different spooky sounds and a projector. The vampire can be unmasked to reveal a dastardly villain. The three ghost cards can also be inserted in the device in the Mystery Machine (70286) and even includes Scooby in a detective's outfit! This spooktastic set contains a fabulous 177 pieces to liven up your Halloween at home this year. There are also five more adventures for Scooby and the gang to solve, with so much for young fans (and adult ones) to enjoy! Scooby Doo! Adventure on the Cemetery (70362), Scooby Doo! Dinner with Scooby and Shaggy (70363), Scooby Doo! Adventure in the Wild West (70364), Scooby Doo! Adventure in Egypt (70365), and Scooby Doo! Adventure in the Witch's Cauldron (70366). Find out more about the new Spooky Halloween Scooby-Do adventures!

Planet Buddies - an environmentally conscious brand has created a range of sustainably packaged headphones and wireless speakers, created specifically for children. The range includes a family of headphones, wireless speakers, and tablet cushions, all representing endangered, vulnerable or threatened species including ‘Noah the Whale’, ‘Milo the Turtle’, ‘Olive the Owl’ and ‘Pepper the Penguin’.  Each character has a story, why they are endangered and practical tips on what children can do to help protect all life on our planet such as turning off lights when they leave a room.  All products are made of 100% recyclable packaging, with no plastic used.


The Pepper the Penguin’ wireless speaker is perfect for children to listen to music, read along to their favourite audiobook and pack for a day trip or holiday. With 4 hours playtime and 60-day standby time, Pepper can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth 5.0 compatible device, including tablets and smartphones.  His built-in microphone allows for hands-free calls and he has a sound system of 3W output. The Pepper wireless speaker is designed in exquisite, adorable detail with Pepper’s own unique story printed on the packaging to help educate children on the environmental issues that impact endangered penguins.


Planet Buddies has four tablet holders matching the range, in vibrant printed colours, also representing the endangered species. ‘Noah the Whale is a jolly light blue character, on a sea-blue lightweight fabric. The tablet cushions allow children to comfortably watch their device handsfree in landscape or portrait mode, helping posture and reducing neck and upper back strain. Designed to be ultra-lightweight, the tablet stand is the perfect travel accessory and also features two discreet and convenient pockets for storing small items.

Planet Buddies headphones, tech accessories and wireless speakers are available at 


SweetDreamers, creators of parents’ favourite sleep aid, ewan the dream sheep, is going green!

ewan Deluxe from SweetDreamers has introduced brand new eco packaging and a reduction in the use of plastic by 99% for its much loved deluxe model. The original ewan the dream sheep has als cut plastic packaging by 96% - using just a thin recyclable plastic window on the box front.

The award-winning ewan is an ingenious sleep aid mimicking the comfort of the womb with a soft pink glow and soothing sounds, including shush, rain, harp, vacuum cleaner, an actual recording of a heartbeat and womb. This magic product lulls newborns and toddlers into a peaceful sleep. The Deluxe version features a smartCRY function that ensures ewan automatically activates when a baby stirs, meaning mum and dad don’t even need to get out of bed to switch him on. Machine washable at 30%, ewan must surely be the most adorable sleep aid for settling restless babies down for naps.  Available from


The countdown to Christmas begins with an exciting PLAYMOBIL Advent Calendar suitable for children aged 4-10 years of age. These highly collectible interactive advent calendars will become firm family favourites, that will be treasured and reused year after year. Behind every door is a gift, from figures and animals to vehicles and accessories, providing children with 24-days’ worth of entertainment during the lead up to the big day. Once all the surprises have been discovered, each box folds open into a backdrop to complete the scene. There are four new advent calendars to choose from: Christmas, Farm, Pirates, Magic Stone - to bring a smile to all Playmobil fans’ this Christmas.

70188 Advent Calendar - Christmas Toy Store This advent calendar is designed specially about the magic of Christmas, featuring a festive alpine style toy shop filled with Christmas joy. As parents search for the perfect gift. children can visit Father Christmas in his grotto and receive a little gift - if they have been nice of course. A snowman outside the toy shop completes the scene, and a classic Christmas tree adorned with baubles and stars. Gift boxes and treasure chests hide toy gifts, and Father Christmas, Playmobil boy and two adults, create a beautiful backdrop to the exciting day.

70189 Advent Calendar - Farm The perfect setting for all fans of life on the farm, the Playmobil Farm advent calendar offers little ones the chance to look after little animals throughout the festive season With lots of feed and vegetables to harvest, the animals will not go hungry this winter. The Farm Advent Calendar includes a Playmobil farmer, cows with a velvety flocked feel to stroke, pigs, chickens, rabbits, and cats! This is one for the young farmers in the family, they’ll come back to time and again.  Our favourite is the tractor with dumper & trailer, for the two Playmobil children to play with – as they bring in the Playmobil carrots and vegetable harvest.

Also available: 70322 Pirate Cove Treasure Hunt and 70187 Battle for the Magic Stone.

Playmobil advent calendars are available from all good toy stockists and can also be purchased online.


PLAYMOBIL has launched its second wave of its new collectable EverDreamerz, suitable for ages 7+. These latest collectables are bright and colourful, as you would expect from Playmobil, with bright and captivating graphics on each box.

Series Two sees the five best friends travel to the colourful dream world of Edwina capturing the imaginations of creative young adventurers. Each character box is packed with collectable cards, bracelet, beads, charms and accessories, as well as stickers to complete a free sticker booklet, making a cool unboxing experience. Reuse each box to keep your collectible and their tiny accessories in, or other precious toys your child may have.

All five EverDreamerz friends venture to Edwina’s colourful Comic City dreamscape -where everything can be both drawn and erased. Encouraging creativity is a cool aspect to these figures, and should really appeal to children for playability! The five friends then make a big mess, ending up with all colour being removed from the world. They have to team up with several unique characters along the way to restore the colour. The evil Lady Nightmare tries to turn the girls’ dreams into nightmares, but the power of friendship unites them, and they go on to meet plenty of unique supporting characters along the way.

There are also twelve additional characters to collect in surprise boxes, from Colorista, Erazorman, Kimby to Karmela, and lookout for the ultra-rare Unicorn Lady and her golden charm. Watch on YouTube here


The FourFit Mini 2 fitness band designed for kids, tracks steps, activity, sleep and heart rate

Fitness technology brand, FourFit, has launched the FourFit Mini 2 – a slim fitness band made especially for kids (aged 10+). The band features an upgraded colour OLED screen and has the ability to track activity, steps, heart rate, lung health, blood pressure and sleep. 

For parents who are concerned that their child is spending too much time in front of a screen, the accompanying apps allow active reminders to be set to prompt children to get up and move, using both a gentle vibration and child-friendly screen notifications. The apps, available for both IOS and Android, also allow parents to set rewards for hitting daily activity targets – a fantastic way to get kids excited about being active and away from screens.

Whilst encouraging children to be active, the FourFit Mini 2 is also equipped with a number of health features that can offer ‘helicopter parents’ peace of mind. The band also tracks heart rate, blood pressure and lung health by monitoring blood oxygen saturation. If worn overnight, the Mini 2 can also track the user’s sleep, which can be particularly useful to encourage a healthy sleeping pattern and keep an eye on those who secretly stay up late watching TV, or playing games on a school night. Alarms can be set for waking up, or as used as reminders to make sure that PE kits and food tech ingredients are not left at home and forgotten about!

Unlike other fitness trackers on the market, the FourFit Mini 2 works independently without GPS, meaning it doesn’t always need to be connected to Bluetooth in order to work; the band will simply transfer all activity data once it is reconnected a phone. The device can also alert the wearer of calls and messages on the connected smartphone if required.

The FourFit Mini 2 is water resistant and available in five colours (black, red, aqua, blue and purple), boasting a stylish, tech rich design and interchangeable straps. With built-in rapid USB charging capability, no extra wires are needed. The strap can simply be removed and plugged directly into a USB slot and be fully charged and ready to wear in just 25 minutes, with one charge lasting up to 5 days.

The FourFit Mini 2 is available in black, red, aqua, blue and purple from the FourFit website 



The Gruffalo: Travel Headphones  
These super-comfy headband headphones for girls and boys are ultra lightweight, durable, soft to wear - and don't fall off.  Suitable for use with glasses and for children with autism and sensory differences, the size adjustable velcro opening will fit all childrens' heads and hairstyles.
Designed for age 3+ for use under supervision, with ultra-flat speakers and volume limited. Machine washable under low temperatures (remove headphones) these are extremely comfortable for kids - within an optional cosy fleece or breathable cotton headband. An impressive 2 year no-quibble guarantee will reassure parents they're as reliable as they are cute! Made by Snuggly Rascals and available from Amazon and Argos. 

The Gruffalo: Aqua Magic Activity Pad  
The ideal creative set for any Gruffalo fan - and great practice for any budding artist! Each magic water painting colouring pad comes with four reusable painting boards and four pages of activities. Each scene has activity instructions and questions to ask your little ones. Just add water to the Aqua pen, colour in the pages, and colours magically appear - let the scene dry, and use it again and again!

Made by Alligator and available from TK Maxx.

Munchy Play® is the first-ever children’s plate with a built-in track, bringing fun to mealtimes! Made by a mum, the kids plates invite little ones to the table and makes mealtimes enjoyable… for everyone. There are three fun designs, including; a train-themed Choo-Choo plate, racetrack Vroom-Vroom plate, and a picnic inspired Tea Party plate. With young diners in mind, plates are suitable for children aged six months upward. There’s high-sides for self-feeding, a non-slip base, and a built-in track compatible with leading toy trains, cars, and figurinesMade from polypropylene, plates are easy-to-clean, dishwasher safe, and CE certified. They are also free of; BPA, PVC, and melamine. Illustrated by award-winning artist Lydia Leith the artwork is universally designed for girls and boys, featuring fun bright colours. Sopia Procter, founder and CEO, hopes the Munchy Play® will help parents in lockdown juggle work and family life, adding a fun touch to meal times.


Little ones can whizz trains around meals on a journey to platform yum, with the Munchy Play® Choo-Choo plate. Dazzling in ‘custard yellow’, expect many return trips. Take dining up a gear with the Munchy Play® Vroom-Vroom plate in ‘ice-blue’. Zoom vehicles around the racetrack and past the chequered flag, before stopping to refuel! The Munchy Play® Tea Party plate comes in ‘marshmallow white’. Enjoy tea for two, three, or more, with place settings on a picnic table. (Toys not included). Keep mealtimes on the right track with the exclusive Munchy Play® collection - available on Amazon and 

Little Tikes: My First Mighty Blasters - Boom Blaster

Let your imaginative little superheroes take on cool superpowers with a line of blasters that are safe and easy to use! Boom Blaster, from the Little Tikes My First Mighty Blasters range, is specifically made for younger children aged three to five years old! Designed to encourage imaginative play, Boom Blaster comes with three colourful power pods – Red Fireball, Missile Launch and one secret power pod – launching is a breeze with front loading and a simple pull-back trigger.  There's an easy front-loading and simple pull back mechanism making it easy for younger children to operate, with an amazing 12 foot blasting range they'll go mad for!

The Mighty Blasters are suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and can be purchased from Argos, Amazon and


Little Tikes: My First Mighty Blasters - Mighty Bow

My First Mighty Blasters is the only line of blasters for children aged 3-5 years old that are cool, safe and easy to use! Mighty Bow is super easy to launch with a simple pull back trigger that can blast up to 15 ft and includes 4 colourful power pods with one blind for an extra surprise! The My First Mighty Blasters line encourages imaginative role play and will have all the family looking to join in the fun!

Perfect for indoor or outdoor play, and available from Argos, Amazon and 


Little Tikes: My First Mighty Blasters - Dual Blaster

Little Tikes My First Mighty Blasters combine imaginative play with cool, safe blasters that are easy for preschoolers to use! Each blaster comes with colorful power pods that are soft, safe, and encourage kids to role play as heroes. Plus, all power pods work with every My first mighty blasters launcher. The more power pods kids collect, the more imaginative their role play becomes! The dual blaster has a 12-foot blasting range, launches two pods at once, is easy to load and launch, and comes with six power pods including Magma, Dino smash, webs, spikes, shockwave, and one secret power. Unleash your kids' mighty powers with the My First Mighty Blasters Dual Blaster - play indoors or outdoors, suitable for all year round play! 

Available from Argos, Amazon and 



Little Tikes 2-in-1 Garden Wheelbarrow Set

Let your green-fingered little one help out with the gardening, and get outdoors to help this summer. This garden cart and wheelbarrow in one has a real working water sprayer, removable flower pots and gardening tools. With its fun, traditional styling, children will love pottering around and keeping the garden in check! Cute, colourful and sturdy as Little Tikes toys are renowned to be, this should stand up to many years of play. The water sprayer is an inspired addition - encouraging older siblings to join in with play and help in the garden.

Suitable for age 2+




Whilst schools across the world are closed, parents are looking for ways to keep their children's minds working and learning. Top Trumps is the UK's no1 card game (iGen research) and has been a playground favourite for over 40 years. Millions of Top Trumps are sold around the world each year and there are hundreds of titles to choose from, so there is a pack for everyone! Each game is packed full of stats and facts on all your favourite topics. Not only is Top Trumps a fun card game for all ages and interests, it also has many educational benefits:-

To view the full Top Trumps range and order online - visit 




The Gruffalo 'Don't Call Me Good' Single Duvet & Pillowcase bedding set from Dreamtex will delight small fans of the award-winning book series by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.  Featuring the Gruffalo and Mouse, this reversible 2 in 1 duvet cover set is made from 100% cotton. Your little one will love snuggling into bed under the fantastic forest-dwelling Gruffalo and delightful Mouse. Available online from

The very latest Pokémon items are sure to be high on Christmas lists this year following the success of the Pikachu movie, and this cute mini Eevee backpack wins in the style stakes as well.   With a silk inner lining, main compartment, small zipped front pocket and adjustable brown straps, it is made from 100% polyurethane leather (vegan friendly).  Eevee is well known for being the Pokémon with the highest number of evolution possibilities - a total of eight! With its cheeky wink and 3D ears, this iconic  Pokémon fashion back pack is  top of our cute list this winter! Available online from Amazon and at all 


Melissa & Doug Dinosaur Stamp Set

Imagine a landscape full of dinosaurs! Children will love using these seven detailed dinosaur stamps, one volcano themed stamp and a two-colour inkpad. Developing fine motor skills and creativity is also fun when you're creating countless scenes, and colouring in pictures with the five coloured pencils. This well-crafted set is conveniently contained in a sturdy wooden box for organising and storage. An ideal and timeless gift that's tremendous value as children will use it over and over again! Decorate cards, books or make up stories with this durable set using washable, non-toxic child-friendly ink.  Suitable for ages 4+. Available from Argos, Debenhams and all good toy stores.


Rainbow Mini Scratch Art Notes Cube

Kids can get creative with this handy desktop dispenser box of 125 mini Scratch Art notes from Melissa and Doug.  Make exciting masterpieces, doodle, draw, jot notes - using the wooden stylus to scratch and design each picture. Bright rainbow colours are hidden behind the black matte sheets, so easy to use for amazing results! Suitable for ages 4+. Available from Waterstones, Hamleys and all good toy stores.


Backpack brand MadPax, launches its new collections for Christmas 2019 - from the Fornite gamer who wants a real life skin with a ‘New Skins’ collection to the new HEX design. The new Skins, HEX, Metallic Gloss and Metallic Extreme come in three sizes - full pack, half pack and a pint size bag.   The full pack Hex Graphite Madpax BackPack would suit any pre-teen boy (or girl) and last well into teenage years, as it has a roomy main compartment, a padded sleeve area suitable for laptop, interior zip pocket, and two nifty side zip pockets.  There is good load distribution to protect backs - especially useful if your child has to carry a heavy load of school books - and they are also water resistant (we love that in Ireland!) The amazing and stunning designs uniquely incorporate stand out features. The Spiketus Rex range is made of a leather like fabric poly urethane. Other styles come in a polyester and spandex fabric. All materials deliver durable and vibrant colours that are easily cleaned. The interiors are lined with polyester/nylon. All zippers are smooth functioning nylon. MadPax allows you to express your inner creature, while toting a functional, funky and fun pack. Available from authorised retailers across Ireland and



Baby Tennis Racket   Learn to play like a little sport star! Developed by a dad for his son and daughter, this cuddly tennis racket is designed especially for babies! The ball rattles, the handle squeaks and it has 3 ribbon tags to flick - which so many babies love to do. Colours are bright and stimulating and every time baby hits the ball, it helps sight and audible senses. A quality stimulating toy suitable for age 0+  that's great entertainment and fun for baby! 

The Football Comfort Blanket   Babies may not be able to walk, run or even crawl yet - but they can certainly dribble! This comfort blanket suitable for age 0+ is very soft and cuddly, with velour fabric one side and cotton patterned reverse side. If you are dreaming of the day you and your baby can play football together, this one's for you too!   



miffy x rembrandt by The Rijksmuseum

Rembrandt and Dick Bruna are both Dutch and both world famous. In this book you will find lots of the wonderful works they created. Although their pictures may look very different, lots of things are the same. They both painted people, animals and landscapes, but each did so in their own way. Join Miffy as she takes a look at Rembrandt’s art and discovers similarities and differences. Miffy x Rembrandt is a beautiful book to introduce little ones into the art world! Available from

Syvlanian Families: Polar Bear Family

Over green mountains, tucked away in the depths of the forest. The Sylvanian Village is home to the most tender-hearted freinds in the whole world. If you listen to the wind, you'll hear their happy chatter! Polar Bear Family from Sylvanian Families is a three piece set including Polar Bear father, mother & baby. The polar bears' heads, hands and feet can be moved, allowing them to pose and enact your child's imagination and stories and bring them to life. Available from 


Puro Sound Labs, the award-winning leader in Healthy Ears® kids’ headphones has launched new stylish and sturdy JuniorJams Bluetooth headphones for kids. Puro Sound Lab’s JuniorJams have been designed for performance, safety, durability, and comfort at an affordable price. The company is well known for delivering studio-grade audio quality headphones with hearing safe 85dB volume-limiting technology and Sensory Certification by Kulture City. Puro’s headphones have won praise from parents for their award-winning BT2200 and PuroQuiet product offerings. 

The JuniorJams - available from Amazon - feature comfortable noise isolation and superior sound quality with effective volume limiting, while adding further improvements and unique new features. A sturdy and stylish aluminum headband construction and an ultra-comfortable protein leather ear cushion make the headphones easy to wear whilst still delivering 87% ambient noise isolation that helps block out ambient noise allowing kids to hear the audio without interference from the outside world.

The JuniorJams utilise Puro Sound Labs’ Balanced Response Curve, for better bass, treble and vocal clarity without the need to make it loud. At the same time, the 85dB volume-limiting technology means kids can’t crank up the sound to hearing-damaging levels and will still get great sound. Improved battery performance provides up to 22 hours of playback, which is great for long trips and the unique daisy-chain feature allows two pairs of headphones to playback the same source simultaneously – no more fighting over the tablet!


The Official Gaelic Games Annual 2020 by Niamh McCoy and Ailis Corey (Gill Books) is the first official Gaelic games annual for young supporters of Gaelic football, hurling, camogie and handball!

Jam-packed with trivia, quizzes, games, puzzles, player profiles, exclusive interviews, cool competitions (Win A Trip to Croke Park for your Family!), it's perfect for young readers aged seven and up.

Coverage of key matches, and vital facts and figures sits alongside the history of the GAA, the LGFA and the Camogie Association, plus useful tips to improve your own game.



Published in association with The National Gallery London, the Dot Art Sticker Books from Prestel Publishing allow adults and children to create works of art in stickers. Opening with a brief informative essay, the books contain thousands of coloured round stickers and a poster “canvas” of coloured outlines. Readers simply need to match the stickers to the outlines found on the poster to recreate the painting. The finished poster will be its own original work of art. With a handy folder- style flap that allows for easy storage and transportation of the artwork in progress, this activity book is perfect for hours of entertainment, relaxation or meditation, as well as for unwinding at the end of a busy day. Available from



Organic Babies has recently released a beautiful Winter Edition of their beloved Silent Night gift set.

The set helps to give parents the gift of sweet dreams – and is the perfect stocking filler for parents whose Christmas wish is to support their baby’s delicate skin barrier from the start, this special edition skin care set is tested by midwives and contains plant-based organic ingredients that comfort tired infants whilst gently soothing sleep-disrupting skin complaints.The set contains their Soothing Baby Salve and Baby Wash & Shampoo. This sleep-promoting salve can be used on baby’s face, hands, body and bottom to quickly calm irritation and contains essential lavender oil to help to lull restless tots into the land-of-nod.
The calming, natural Baby Wash contains certified organic ingredients. Made without skin-irritating SLS, this bubbly baby bath product uses naturally foaming Yucca and Coconut extracts to create a soothing bath soak that gently cleanses ultra-sensitive skin, whilst protecting against dryness and irritation. The Silent Night gift set is available to order online from


Make way for the new Yogaling leggings from BabyBoo - echoing the very essence of their award-winning baby and children’s fashion and accessory brand. BabyBoo are home to the best quality designs that will stand the test of time all underpinned by sustainable and ethical production and GOTS certified cotton.

The Yogaling leggings are designed personally by the BabyBoo founders (2 mums who know the pain of see-through leggings) The Yogaling leggings are created from heavier 100% organic cotton so will not go transparent nor aggravate the skin when sweaty. Each pair also has a thick waist band of 7-8cm depending on the size. Like a pair of yoga pants, this means when the child bends over; the leggings won’t fall down, and it means they will go up over nappies and are a much more comfortable fit. The waistband can also be folded if preferred. The Yogaling leggings are available from 0-3 months up to 5 years old and are available in a range of fun and colourful designs from


Reindeer Down! An Irish Christmas Tale (O'Brien Press) 

A magical Irish Christmas picture book adventure in a beautifully illustrated hardback gift edition.

Santa’s sleigh is flying over Ireland, delivering presents to all the boys and girls. But then there’s a crash! Dancer hurts her leg and can’t pull the sleigh. What will Santa do? Rory, the smallest reindeer, has a great idea. It’s full speed ahead to visit the deer in the Phoenix Park. Can they help Santa continue with his journey? A delightful and heartwarming picture book for Christmas, from children's writer Natasha Mac a’Bháird and illustrated by Audrey Dowling.


The Friendship Fairies by Lucy Kennedy (Gill Books)

Meet the Friendship Fairies - the exciting debit from family favourite Lucy Kennedy.

Siters Emme, Holly and Jess are just like regular girls, always messing and having fun. But they're also fairies, and instead of regular school, they go to the Magic Manor, where they learn all about being kind and having good manners. Then they're sent out into the human world to teach children what they've learned. Will they ever be able to graduate from fairy school? Brought to life by Philip Cullen's magical illustrations, and Lucy Kennedy's trademark sense of fun and cheekiness, this book will appeal to all small children trying to make friends, w hile having a laugh along the way.