Outdoor Classroom Day 2018 | Any Day from Nov 1st- 16th

Leave No Trace Ireland are delighted to be promoting this Novembers Outdoor Classroom Day in Ireland. The international initiative acts as a catalyst to inspire more time outdoors on a daily basis: both at school and at home. Its long-term aims include for children to have access to 90 minutes of playtime at school every day. The initiative started in 2012 with a hand full of schools involved but has now become a worldwide movement with over 2 million people signed up for the 2018 campaign already.

The project is a perfect match for Leave No Trace Ireland as the organisation is dedicated to getting more people enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

Maura Lyons, CEO of Leave No Trace Ireland, said: “We are thrilled to be supporting Outdoor Classroom Day here in Ireland. We know that outdoor learning and play is crucial to a child’s development, health and wellbeing: it increases social skills, imagination, engagement with learning, concentration and behaviour, whilst giving children the opportunity to connect with nature and get away from the computer screen.”

This years Outdoor Classroom Day is being held international on the 1st of November. As this falls in the Irish schools midterm break, Leave No Trace Ireland are asking people to get involved any day from the 1st November to the 16th. This gives everyone whether they be a youth group, school or individual an opportunity to get involved.

Signing up for the project is free and they also have great online resources to help plan your Outdoor Classroom Day. More details of what’s involved & download a resource pack can be found at www.outdoorclassroomday.org.uk or at www.leavenotraceireland.org.